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On our site You will find original-objectsand documents, which are for rent as movie props or for making stills for publications. In cases, that may cause damages to our props, we do not rent them, but offer to produce copies of it.

Our props and archives consists only of original objects from the time, they represent. Our subject is Germany of the 20th century. Our main focuses are following of Jews in 3rd Reich, the German post WW2 period 1945-1949, social life, personal documents, development of aircrafting, space exploration and techniques in general ,

We owe about 30.000 partly very rare and unusal historical original objects. Not all of them are already listed.
So do not hesitate to contact us. In many cases, we still can find ithe tems, You are looking for.
We further are ready to produce copies or special objects in our workshops.

We also supply museums exhibitions. Concerning the German post WW2 period, the time of US-British-French and Soviet Military Government and occupation, we hold a complete exibition for rent. It contains many real-size displays with puppets in original dresses in typically post war situations equiped with hundreds of original items of time. The complete show needs between 400 and 1000 qm and consists of more than 2200 original items and documents. It is world-wide the biggest exhibition on this theme. It is very visual and follows the affords on exhibitions of today.

The exhibition will be optimised for the particular show room. Whenever it was shown, it was subject to many reports in news-magazines, on radio and tv. References in German language are available.

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